May 18, 2024

Sean Dyche will be watching Amadou Onana’s discipline after the Everton midfielder received two yellow cards for Belgium against Austria.

Belgium secured the 3-2 victory at the end of the Euro 2024 qualifier, but Onana’s 78th-minute dismissal could have hindered his country’s hopes of topping their group.

The reaction from Belgian media was unsurprising, with Voetbal Niuews journalist Marc Degryse (14 October) saying: “By the way, Onana got another yellow card, which remains a problem as far as I’m concerned.”



Amadou Onana


Frustrations among Belgium supporters regarding Onana’s discipline are plain to see, so the 22-year-old must be cautious in Everton blue.

Onana was apologetic after the fact and took the blame for his mistake, posting to his Instagram (14 October): “Mission completed, Euro2024 we’re coming. Still feels bitter to have let the team down tonight, but I’m very proud of the way they fought until the last second.”

However, Everton fans will be hoping they are not on the receiving end of an Onana red card-related apology, and Dyche will probably have a word or two to say to him when he returns to Finch Farm.


At a rate of nearly one yellow every three games, the likelihood of a suspension would have been significant, but fortunately for him, he escaped last season without an unneeded rest.

If he gets yellows early in games it will impact his performance as he will be able to take fewer risks, while opposition players will target him in an attempt to get him sent off. The last thing Everton need is a key player facing a suspension at any point during the season.

While it has not been a major issue for the Toffees since his arrival, Dyche will be eager to drill some discipline into his star midfielder.

In other Everton news, Dyche has received a welcome boost after a needless decision was avoided ahead of his Liverpool clash.

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