February 25, 2024

Twelve of the 13 have been fired — also a record — with Brighton only changing coaches because Potter left the club for Chelsea in September.

The previous highest number of firings in a single season was 10 in each of the 2008-09, 2013-14, 2017-18, and 2021-22 campaigns, according to statistics provider Opta.

“It’s actually an awful number,” said Klopp, who also noted that Bayern Munich recently changed coaches in his native Germany, “but it is how it is. You always have years where it happens more often than others. Obviously, some clubs are underachieving this year. We are.

“Especially when you are in a relegation battle, we all know how much it means from a financial point of view for clubs. And you could say similar things about being in the Champions League or not in the Champions League. There are expectations out there, rightly so, and if you don’t reach them, you have to accept the decisions.”

Klopp is the longest-serving current manager in the league, having been at Liverpool since October 2015, and he is going through one of his toughest periods at the club.

The latest humbling loss was at Manchester City, where Liverpool were beaten 4-1 on Saturday in a display Klopp described as “unacceptable”. It left Liverpool in eighth place, eight points off the Champions League qualification spots.

“I’m aware of the fact I’m sitting here because of the past and not because of what we did this season,” Klopp said.

“If this was my first season, it would be slightly different. Yes, we have smart owners who know about the situation. Better ask them why that’s the case.”

Klopp is expecting another tough game today when Liverpool visit Chelsea, which will be led by interim manager Bruno Saltor.

“I’m pretty sure Chelsea want to show a reaction,” Klopp said.

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