February 25, 2024


AC Milan are planning moves for the future, and they have earmarked Jonathan David as the striker they want to lead the line for years to come.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) reports that Milan have admired Jonathan David for years but in the summer they made a late attempt to try and sign him two years before his contract expires.


Lille didn’t give much encouragement to Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada and instead pledged to talk about David again later, which saw the Rossoneri directors sign Luka Jovic instead.


Milan are more than willing to talk about the Canada international again because Olivier Giroud is 37 years of age, Noah Okafor is not a natural No.9 and Jovic was a gamble.


There is a possibility that the negotiation for David will take off as early as January, not just in the summer. He has scored just two goals in eight league games and another two in the Conference League, but finished with 24 league goals last season.


David is quick, he scores goals, he has a knack for assists and he shoots with his right and left. He won a title with Mike Maignan, but at 23 years of age he has a lot of potential to learn and improve as well.


Given that David’s deal expires in 2025, it is probable that the €60m asking price of the summer will drop to around €40m, a figure which Milan see as being a lot more accessible.


At least one approach will be made in January, while from the player’s point of view the idea of a move to Milan interests him and the transfer would be a good step forward for him.



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