February 29, 2024


Mike Maignan’s demands to renew his contract with AC Milan are high but there is the mutual desire to negotiate, according to a report.

According to Pietro Mazzara’s latest for MilanNews, Milan are continuing to work on some key renewals after managing to extend Rafael Leao’s contract, with Maignan among them.


The French goalkeeper is considered a fundamental player because he is one of the elite in his role while he also has charisma and leadership inside the dressing room.


His contract with Milan currently expires on 30 June 2026 and the agreement signed in 2021 provides for a salary of €2.8m net per year. A salary which, today, evidently does not reflect the real value of the player.


Milan knows this well as well as Maignan, who has made an initial request of €8m net per year to renew which is obviously a very pig pay rise and would see him surpass Leao as the top earner, who gets €7m-a-year including bonuses.


The importance of Maignan is indisputable, but it is also true that Milan are very attentive to the item relating to personnel costs and the demand for the goalkeeper is decidedly high, but there is room for negotiation.


The discussions between the club and the Frenchman’s entourage have not yet entered the heated phase but there is a continuous and constructive dialogue, with the parties having mutually expressed their desire to continue together.


It’s a question of money and arriving at a meeting point that satisfies everyone. Milan satisfied Maignan over the summer on some specific requests such as – for example – the stabilisation of the goalkeeping staff given the departures of Nelson Dida and Flavio Roma in the last two years.


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