February 22, 2024

Mohamed Salah’s impassioned message to world leaders, as the Liverpool star pleads for ‘the massacres to stop’

Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool attacker, has called on world leaders to act in the current crisis between Israel and Palestine.

Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah has urged international leaders to band together to avert “further slaughter of innocent souls” as the violence in Gaza continues.

At least 500 people were murdered in a hospital attack in Gaza City on Tuesday night, which Jerusalem blames on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. This came after tensions in the Middle East had increased in recent weeks following a Hamas strike in Israel earlier this month.


Mo Salah calls for end to 'slaughter of innocent souls' in Gaza, as Egypt  to let 20... - LBC

Mohamed Salah makes an impassioned plea to international leaders.

Now, in a personal intervention on his social media pages, Salah has urged world leaders to guarantee that the conflict between Israel and Palestine does not kill any more innocent civilians.

“It’s not always easy to speak at a time like this, there has been too much violence, heartbreak, and brutality,” Salah said in a video released to his 18.4 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday evening.

“The recent escalation has been unbearable to witness.” Every life is sacred and must be preserved. The massacres must end. Families are being split up. What is evident now is that humanitarian aid to Gaza must be permitted immediately; the people there are living in deplorable conditions. Last night’s events at the hospital were harrowing.

“The people of Gaza urgently require food, water, and medical supplies.” I’m calling on world leaders to get together to stop the massacre of innocent people. Humanity must triumph.”

Salah donated to the Red Crescent, an organization that nurses those injured by war and other disasters, earlier this week to support those affected by the ongoing violence in Gaza.

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