February 22, 2024

In a recent interview with Italian broadcaster Adnkronos, the esteemed former Italy coach, Marcello Lippi, expressed his belief that the battle for the Serie A title this season will primarily involve AC Milan, Juventus, and Inter Milan. Currently, AC Milan holds the top position in the Serie A standings, having lost only one match this season, a 5-1 defeat to Inter, and securing victory in the remaining seven.

Inter Milan, sitting two points behind their city rivals, had a remarkable start to the season with their triumph over Milan but experienced a slight dip in form in their most recent matches at the San Siro, resulting in dropped points. Following closely behind Inter and Milan are Juventus and Fiorentina. Juventus has had a reasonably solid start to the season, positioning themselves as strong contenders for the title. In contrast, Fiorentina may need more time to demonstrate their staying power in the competition.


Legendary Ex Juventus & Italy Coach Predicts ‘AC Milan & Juventus Fighting For Serie A Title With Inter Milan’


Napoli, last season’s champions, has encountered a challenging start to the current campaign. Nevertheless, they are only seven points adrift from the league leaders, AC Milan.

Marcello Lippi anticipates a highly-anticipated clash between AC Milan and Juventus this weekend, considering it a pivotal fixture for their respective title aspirations. He foresees a closely contested match between these two elite teams, highlighting their well-rounded squads and the presence of standout players who can sway the outcome. In his view, the match could go in either direction, underscoring the uncertainty and competitiveness of this encounter.

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