February 29, 2024

Nottingham Forest awaits the outcome of the Premier League points deduction case.

A flag featuring the Premier League logo

If Nottingham Forest’s Premier League rivals Everton are found guilty of breaking financial regulations, the Premier League is alleged to be demanding a 12-point reduction as the maximum punishment.

In March, the Premier League charged the Merseysiders with potential financial fair play violations. They are reported to have lost £372 million over the last three years, much beyond the Premier League’s £105 million barrier.

The Premier League has suggested a 12-point deduction if the Toffees are found guilty, according to the Telegraph, with a decision expected later this year. An independent panel will make the final decision.

According to the Telegraph, other potential consequences for Everton if found guilty include a fine and a transfer embargo.

Everton insists that they have followed the rules and will “robustly defend” their stance.

The Toffees are now 16th in the Premier League, three points behind Nottingham Forest.

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