February 25, 2024

Since the 3-0 defeat against Paris Saint-Germain last night, there has been a lot of talk on social media about AC Milan’s big-defeat tendency under Stefano Pioli. So we decided to take a look at the statistics.

As we have seen above all in the derbies against Inter, Milan have sometimes struggled to keep morale up after conceding the first goal, resulting in big defeats. Rossoneri fans on social media have criticised Pioli on that front, highlighting that there have been many since he took over.

Pioli 'feels the pain' of Fiorentina defeat that Milan 'need' as he picks  out three positives

Taking at the last four seasons, including the 2019-20 season as Pioli joined in October, there have been a total of 13 big defeats (three goals or more). One that all Milan fans remember, aside from the derbies, is the 5-0 defeat against Atalanta.

➤ Atalanta 5-0 AC Milan

➤ AC Milan 0-3 Lille

➤ AC Milan 0-3 Atalanta

➤ AC Milan 0-3 Inter

➤ Lazio 3-0 AC Milan

➤ Inter 3-0 AC Milan

➤ Chelsea 3-0 AC Milan

➤ AC Milan 0-3 Inter

➤ Lazio 4-0 AC Milan

➤ AC Milan 2-5 Sassuolo

➤ Inter 3-0 AC Milan (on aggregate)

➤ Inter 5-1 AC Milan

➤ PSG 3-0 AC Milan

What do you think? Is this too many big defeats for a club like Milan? Let us know in the comments below and remember to be nice to each other.

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