February 29, 2024

PRESS CONFERENCEJürgen Klopp on Forest clash, Nunez role, Salah records and more.

Read more from Jürgen Klopp’s pre-Nottingham Forest press conference as he discussed Saturday’s game, Darwin Nunez’s role, Mohamed Salah’s scoring records and other topics.


The manager spoke to the media at the AXA Training Centre on Friday afternoon, providing an update on the fitness of Roberto Firmino and assessing Trent Alexander-Arnold’s position.


See a summary of more subjects Klopp touched on during the chat with reporters below…


On which Liverpool he expects this weekend after the 6-1 win at Leeds United…


A good one. I understand 100 per cent where you are coming from; yes, that’s strange that with the very average season we played so far in general and having a couple of the highest results in this club’s history, which is absolutely strange. I said after the Leeds game that I thought that game was the best we played this season. I know a lot of people probably thought Leeds was not really up to it, stuff like this, but I was sad as well that I got asked a question after the game how it’s possible to play the two halves [that] were that different. I didn’t see that, to be honest. I know it was not as spectacular in the first half but it was preparing, it was calm, it was convinced and convincing. It was good. Against a deep-defending side, especially in our.


situation, you cannot create just second after second after second, you need to work for your moments and that’s what we did in the first half and were anyway up 2-0, which is absolutely a fantastic result for half-time.


Second half, yes, we stepped up but that’s how it is. It was for Leeds then really difficult to deal with us and the goals we scored were obviously absolutely exceptional. It was a very stable performance, which is very important and that’s what we have to build on. I cannot sit here now and.


guarantee any kind of results or whatever; I said it before, weeks or months ago, we have to guarantee performance levels and that’s definitely what we have to do now. And knowing that in this game again… we had more shots, more finishes but not on target that many, so close, next to the post or whatever, these kinds of things which I consider as chances as well – but afterwards it looks like we had seven chances and scored six times. That was not the case. But we have to be ready for not scoring early, we have to be ready for all the difficulties which you can face in a football game and then overcome it and stick to the plan and stick to the way we want to play. And that was what I liked most in that game – that I saw our plan the whole game. And that’s what we have to do again.


We had our analysis meeting obviously already, we prepared everything. It’s a rather pragmatic style now: clear, long balls, early set-pieces taking them there. I know Steve [Cooper] has the ability as a coach and a manager to play different ways, but probably the confidence is not on the highest level after the recent run of results and so, becoming more pragmatic makes absolute sense. And that’s the team that we have to expect. But it all starts with winning challenges – that’s what everybody can do, and that’s what they will try to do definitely. And then they have speed up front, technique in midfield, experience in the last line. So there’s everything there actually. I can’t explain 100 per cent why it didn’t work out that well now. They had a super spell early, late last year, early this year and then from a moment on it didn’t work out for them anymore as well. But not all performances were not worth a point or three points, sometimes you have to be lucky. But the quality they have is clear and if we wouldn’t respect that quality – which we do definitely – we would already be on the wrong side because up front with Gibbs-White, Johnson and Taiwo [Awoniyi] they all can cause you massive problems. And obviously it’s a big squad, they have much more options as well. We will see who Steve will line up but we expect a really tough game.



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