May 17, 2024

Sean Dyche reacts to Everton theory over Craig Pawson and ’12-point deduction’

The Blues boss said much of his time at the club had been spent with Everton the subject of intense ‘noise’


Everton manager, Sean Dyche

Everton manager, Sean Dyche

Sean Dyche said Everton did not need any new inspiration to foster a ‘siege mentality’ but stressed the importance of stopping that feeling from becoming embedded within his squad.


The Blues boss spent much of his pre-West Ham United press conference addressing questions about claims Everton could face a deduction of up to 12 points should the club be found to have breached Premier League financial regulations.


He was also keen to highlight his continued disappointment over the controversial refereeing decisions in last week’s Merseyside derby defeat, saying he had provided his opinions to Howard Webb, chief of the referees’ body.


Both incidents fuelled a feeling of frustration around a club that remains in mourning following the death of chairman Bill Kenwright.


Asked whether a siege mentality had been fostered by the call by referee Craig Pawson to not send off Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konate with the derby goalless, and the claims Everton’s season could be undermined by a points deduction, Dyche joked: “I don’t think it needs much fostering. It’s kind of an ongoing thing.”


He has repeatedly highlighted how most of the nine months he has spent as Everton boss have been played out with the club engulfed in off-field controversy and speculation. When asked, Dyche has always said it does not seep into the atmosphere at the club’s Finch Farm training ground.


He did, however, insist it was important to continue to ensure Everton’s players did not become influenced by that outside ‘noise’. Crucial to this was winning games, he said, adding: “The players know there has been some varying ups and downs and noises around the club for various reasons.


“You don’t want them to get used to it in terms of it being acceptable because you want to change the story, we want to change the narrative, change the feel and it often starts on the pitch. We’re the ones that can control that bit and change that bit.


“There’s been some signs of it but I think the league table doesn’t show what the signs are and that’s the important one at the end of the day. There are signs of what I think is a group that is growing and improving.”

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