May 17, 2024


Simon Jordan calls for Premier League rules to be revisited following Everton point deduction development

Simon Jordan has called for the Premier League to revisit their rules following the news that Everton could receive a 12-point deduction if found guilty of breaking financial fair play rules.


Reports emerged that the Premier League have requested that Sean Dyche’s side be deducted a league record 12 points if found guilty [The Telegraph, 25 October] which would more than likely see the Toffees relegated from the Premier League.


While it will be up to an independent commission to decide whether or not Everton have broken the rules and what punishment they deserve, Jordan believes that there are double standards in the league after the attempt to form the European Super League resulted in fines rather than point deductions.



Speaking on talkSport on Monday (30 October, 11:22) he said: “We all know that it turns on arguments about allowable adjustments, which is basically situations about player values and transfer abilities during the COVID period and Everton have put quite a lot of adjustments in there when the rest of the Premier League hasn’t.


“The Premier League can advance its own view, it’s the independent commission that will determine its outcome. But of course, when have we ever not sat in this room and said that the football industry is not wrapped in hypocrisy and double standards?


“Here’s an example of it. If the rules are framed in such a way that the consequences for financial fair play are greater than the consequence for potentially dismantling a league, then the rules need to be revisited.”


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Double standards


As Jordan says, it shouldn’t be a surprise now that there are double standards in the Premier League as it does seem much more damaging to dismantle the entire football pyramid as we know it, than to have broken the league’s financial fair play rules.


If the Toffees are found to have broken the rules then they deserve to be punished, but to fundamentally relegate them because of it seems incredibly harsh, especially when all of the ‘big six’ clubs walked away from the European Super League with an expensive slap on the wrist.



Furthermore, as many like Jamie Carragher have already suggested, how big a points deduction should Manchester City be expecting for their 114 if not more alleged breaches of the rules? The division’s double standards are clear for everyone to see.


Only time will tell whether or not the independent commission side with the Toffees or the Premier League, but currently, Dyche’s side are picking up important points on the pitch and giving themselves some hope of avoiding the drop to the Championship.

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