February 24, 2024

Leeds United: Simon Jordan offers response to £300 million legal threat

Simon Jordan declares, “No chance,” live on Leeds Legal News.

Simon Jordan criticizes Leeds United’s legal news in light of Everton’s progress

In the event that Leeds United, Burnley, and Leicester City are found to have violated the financial fair play regulations, Simon Jordan has attacked their plans to sue Everton.

There were rumors that the Whites were among several teams preparing to sue the Toffees if they were found guilty of violating the Premier League’s FFP regulations. The three teams’ combined claim was estimated to be worth £300 million [Daily Mail, 3 October].

Jordan thinks Leeds and the other clubs have “no chance” of winning their case. Each club was seeking to receive £100 million, the sum they feel they lost out on after being demoted while Everton remained in the top flight.

At 11:26 a.m. on October 30, on talkSport, he stated: “There is absolutely no chance at all.” They have no possibility. Everyone agrees to a covenant, which essentially states that breaking it will have this effect.

They can now attempt to argue, if they so want, that this is a violation of the terms they agreed to and the result of those terms by going via the legal system. However, a good legal case will tell them what the restrictions they signed up to were and send them back to the industry they originally came from.

“This was the punishment for financial infractions according to the terms you signed. You cannot then go and declare, “Well, I’m going to sue you for the rules I signed up to because I don’t like them and I can’t do anything about changing them.”

Because that is the governance you chose to be a party to, any respectable court will send you back to your industry.

Jordan seems incredibly definite in his suggestion that Leeds United have absolutely no hope of getting any sort of settlement for their reported court case, given the rules of the Premier League were agreed to by every club that played a part in the division.

While it does seem unjust the Whites could have in theory been relegated because of the Toffees breaking the rules, it is hard to argue with the presenter’s sentiment that the Whites had agreed to these rules when they were in the division so now must stand by them.

Although the Whites are unlikely to give up and not pursue a legal battle should Everton be found guilty, it is unlikely that Leeds would receive an additional £100 million very soon. This is in response to a presenter’s assertion that a case would be swiftly thrown out of court.

Whatever Jordan says, this is a non-stop narrative that will not end until the independent panel makes a determination regarding the Toffees’ expenditure, and in the interim, Leeds may be poised to become considerably wealthier.

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