February 29, 2024

Everton’s manager, Sean Dyche, is determined to instill both physical and mental resilience in his players, aiming to make them comfortable with playing matches three times a week. In a recent Carabao Cup match against his former team Burnley, Dyche made only two changes to the lineup, while Burnley made seven. Everton secured a comfortable 3-0 victory, setting up a quarter-final clash with Fulham.

Dyche’s philosophy revolves around the idea that playing more matches means increased participation in competitions over a longer period, ultimately leading to success. After the victory against Burnley, Dyche emphasized his desire for players to embrace the challenge of playing frequently and develop the mentality to handle such a schedule. He highlighted the improved support systems available to players and expressed his belief that playing three games a week should not be a demanding request. He wants his players to approach every match with the mindset of wanting to play, emphasizing that this journey is a work in progress.

Everton’s momentum appears to be on the rise, with their fifth win in seven matches. They paid tribute to their late chairman, Bill Kenwright, who recently passed away at the age of 78. Dyche believes that winning matches is instilling belief within the team and that the players are working hard to improve.

On the other side, Burnley’s manager, Vincent Kompany, acknowledged that his team is still adapting to the challenges of competing at the elite level of the Premier League, despite their promotion from the Championship last season. He acknowledged that while the first half of their performance was promising, mistakes at this level proved costly. Kompany stressed that they don’t accept defeat but also understand the need to put it into context, acknowledging the steep transition from the Championship to the Premier League. He views it as a learning experience and a necessary part of their journey in becoming a competitive Premier League team.

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