February 24, 2024

FC Nuremberg sporting director Olaf Rebbe has responded to transfer rumours surrounding Can Uzun, claiming he is confident of keeping the player, although he hinted at a possible move in the future with Everton keen.

Rebbe also hinted at a possible record transfer fee for the club to let their star player go, although he refused to single out one player despite the suggestion of a move for Uzun.

This comes after Sky Sports journalist Florian Plettenberg reported that Everton and Benfica had made official inquiries as to Uzun’s availability on 10 October.

The sporting director was speaking to Transfermarkt on 31 October when he shared: “Can has a long-term contract with us. He has made great development and we are very proud that we have been able to support and support him for so long.

“He has drawn attention with his goals, assists and the way he plays. The fact that he performs so consistently well at his age is extraordinary. We’ll see what the future brings. But this season, change is not an issue.

“We have a lot of talented guys at the club, I don’t want to limit it to one player. Everyone is invited to put themselves in the best possible position. It would be great if we could break the transfer record one day.”

Despite his apparent confidence in keeping the 17-year-old for at least the immediate future, there were hints scattered in his comments that they are resigned to his inevitable departure at some point, although they hope to keep him around for longer.

The midfielder has eight goals in 12 appearances so far this season in Germany and has attracted interest from Champions League clubs including Galatasaray as well as Everton and Benfica as mentioned before.

The hint of a club record fee for the player wouldn’t have to be ridiculously high, with Nuremberg’s current record fee a small £6million which would be reasonable for a club like Everton with the backing of Premier League finances behind them.

Everton’s interest is a positive sign, and the willingness of Rebbe to entertain conversations about the up-and-coming star suggests a deal could be on the cards, but it remains to be seen whether the Toffees will expand on their reported inquiries.

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