February 24, 2024

Kieran Maguire has compared the situation at Everton with that of Bury, who were expelled from the Football League in 2019, as well as Wigan, who were put into administration, in a new claim about 777 Partners.

First, it unnerved him when Maguire asked about 777’s funding, about which they had been evasive before the takeover negotiations started.

He continued by saying that Everton might end up in the fire rather than the frying pan, drawing comparisons with previous ownership changes at other English clubs.

On November 1, Maguire clarified during an interview with The Ripple Effect podcast, asking, “Where is he going to receive the money in terms of Everton? We appear to be very, very ambiguous here, and that gives me a nagging feeling of unease.

Will they engage in another leveraged takeover, similar to what happened with Burnley and ALK Capital and Manchester United and the Glazers? The short answer is that we don’t know, and I don’t enjoy not knowing.

“Yet, you don’t refuse a life belt from someone if you’re a drowning man and they throw it to you.” Thus, there’s that problem as well, and some Everton supporters may argue that it can’t be worse than Moshiri.

“However, if you look at what happened to Scunthorpe United this season, what’s happened to Bury, or what happened to Wigan when they had a new owner who placed the team into administration in less than three weeks, sometimes the fire can be worse than the frying pan.”

Worst-case scenario

The comparisons to the likes of Bury, Scunthorpe and Wigan are very dramatic worst-case scenarios, but they are also demonstrations of what could go wrong if the wrong owners are appointed to take over from Moshiri at Goodison Park.

While it may feel that it can’t get worse than it has under Moshiri, these examples prove it certainly can, and the ongoing questions about the eligibility of 777 Partners and their takeover will do nothing to ease those concerns.

Given the circumstances at Manchester United, where the Glazer family is taking more money out of the team than they are putting in, Everton supporters should be concerned about the idea of a leveraged purchase. That would not be feasible at Everton.

The degree of uncertainty surrounding the takeover is a major issue that will persist until a final resolution is found and perhaps even after that, causing concerns for both Maguire and Everton supporters to grow.

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