February 24, 2024

If the former England midfielder plays seven more games for the Toffees, Spurs will receive £10 million, which will put a major obstacle in the way of any potential return.

Sean Dyche, the manager of Everton, has disclosed that the team has started “background talks” with Tottenham in an attempt to revive Dele Alli’s career.

In January 2022, Dele signed a free move from Spurs to Everton; however, the final cost of the agreement could be as much as £30 million, contingent on appearances.

Dele is now on 13 appearances for the Merseyside club after spending the second part of the previous season on loan at Besiktas and had hip surgery in the summer. The first payment of £10 million is due after Dele has played 20 games for the club.

Dele’s future will be in limbo until Everton can come to an agreement with Spurs, as they have no prospect of letting him make 20 games given their precarious financial circumstances.

In an emotional interview with Gary Neville in July, Dele talked about his mental health issues and disclosed that he had experienced sexual abuse as a youngster.

When the former England midfielder is well enough, Dyche wants to help him return to the starting lineup.

The Everton director of football, Kevin Thelwell, has begun negotiations with Spurs to find a solution, the Toffees boss also disclosed.

When asked if the situation had improved, Dyche responded, “No, not yet. Kev [Thelwell] has asked Tottenham, “Look, where do you see it?” over the course of a few very brief phone calls. However, nothing is currently different.

Dyche emphasised that although Dele is back to doing individual outdoor training, the situation is not immediately urgent because he is still far from being fully fit.

“It is important to note that although he is on the grass, he is still far from being fit. He is training with the sports science department, not with us,” Dyche continued.

He is simply returning to his previous state. He was terribly unlucky when his post-operative rehab went awry, and it took almost as long as it had originally.

However, the experts suggested to leave it alone and let it to cure on its own. Even if he is doing well, he is still a long way [from playing].

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