February 29, 2024

Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham, made the decision to let the midfield player go on loan in order to help him advance his career.

After a dismal start to his loan period at Galatasaray, Tanguy Ndombele seems to have been left in limbo. Under managing boss Okan Buruk, the playmaker has already lost favour, and there have been rumours that the loanee may return to Tottenham sooner rather than later.

Ndombele, who cost £63 million when he signed with Spurs in 2019, has had difficulty since coming from Lyon. Although the playmaker has occasionally shown signs of promise, in the end, he hasn’t had the work ethic to succeed in the Premier League.

Former Tottenham managers Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte have never held back when venting their dissatisfaction with Ndombele. They both believed that the France international had what it took to succeed on the biggest stage, if he was prepared to put in the extra effort to reach his full potential.

A rising sentiment suggested that Ange Postecoglou would decide to keep the 26-year-old on the team for the upcoming campaign, challenging himself to bring out the best in Ndombele. But halfway through the preseason, the midfield player was quickly shipped off on loan to Galatasaray.

Ndombele has only appeared in seven games since moving to Turkey, and there are rumours that Galatasaray is considering extending the loan period. The Athletic reports that the Super Lig team does not have the option to terminate the contract early, which might be a big relief for Tottenham fans.

Rather, Ndombele is hoping to bring his career back to Galatasaray, and he has started training with a personal trainer to make sure he is physically prepared for any call-ups, which has been a big worry in the past.

Since Ndombele was still dealing with injury issues, the post-match lunch is reported to have enraged the coaching staff and negatively impacted his possibilities at the Rams Global Stadium. Ndombele’s loan move can be made permanent by Galatasaray for a cost of £13.1 million, although it seems highly improbable that they will even think about using this option at this point in his contract.

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