February 24, 2024

After Anthony Gordon’s goal at St. James’ Park gave Arsenal a 1-0 victory, Mikel Arteta lost his mind in front of the media.

In the post-match press conference, the Arsenal manager stunned reporters by criticizing officials and casting doubt on the Premier League’s moral character. Before Stuart Attwell gave the goal to Gordon, VAR officials checked it THREE times, looking for evidence of a foul, an offside, and possibly the ball moving out of play.

“I feel sick,” Arteta remarked afterward. It is a scandal. It pains me to come here and support this club. “What transpired—how this goal sits in the Premier League, which we claim to be the greatest league in the world—is embarrassing. I feel humiliated now that I have lived in this country for twenty years. There’s too much on the line, and it’s a shame.

“We are trying to do incredible things and be at the highest level each week. When we’re not good enough I hold my hands up and take responsibility.”

Arteta continued, saying that the outcome was unfair to Newcastle and that there were numerous reasons why it shouldn’t have been what it was.

“The results are in no way indicative of the caliber of competition this league deserves or should have. It is insufficient. I’m ashamed to be involved in this.

Now that Newcastle has risen to sixth in the standings, Arsenal has experienced defeat in the Premier League for the first time. The Magpies are really fired up for their match on Tuesday and are heading to Dortmund.

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