February 25, 2024

Callum Wilson is skeptical that Newcastle United will offer him a seven-year contract extension.

This season, Callum Wilson has been a standout player for Newcastle United. Due in large part to Alexander Isak’s play and goals in the early going of the season, Eddie Howe has been allowing Callum Wilson to play with increasing amounts of playing time.

Newcastle United - Callum Wilson

Considering that Isak’s recovery from his injuries is not anticipated to occur until late November, this has become increasingly important.

Callum Wilson has scored seven goals this season in just 419 minutes of Premier League action, or one goal for every hour that he has been on the field.

The two goals on Saturday at Wolves not only earned United a point, it also propelled Wilson up the goalscoring charts in terms of now he is on the verge of becoming second top in the Newcastle United list of Premier League goalscorers, the top trio before this Arsenal game today stands at…

148 Alan Shearer

46 Peter Beardsley

45 Callum Wilson

Callum Wilson asked about this when speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast:

“I knew I was close but did not realise I was up to third

“With second being so close in sight, it is something I want to do very soon.

“I guess if I am ticking past people on the list then it shows I am doing my job on the field.

“Hopefully in my Newcastle career I can solidify myself in second place and if I get to 60, 70 or 80 goals I think I will be there for a long time.”

As for catching Alan Shearer, Callum Wilson pondering whether Newcastle United might give the 31 year old striker “A six or seven-year contract to try and catch him???”

Callum Wilson:

“I doubt they will do that!

“If I had been at Newcastle for 10 years, I would like to think I would have more than 150 goals for the club.

“Ten a season would be 100 and as a striker, that is not really what you want.

“If getting 15 or 20, that would be where you would need to get to.”

Callum Wilson is the Newcastle United star who must stay fit, certainly in the current absence of Alexander Isak.

Just look at these stats…

This is the Callum Wilson record at Newcastle United in the Premier League so far:


23 PL starts, 3 PL sub appearances, 2,085 PL minutes played – 12 PL goals


16 PL starts, 2 PL sub appearances, 1,389 PL minutes played – 8 PL goals


21 PL starts, 10 PL sub appearances, 1,885 PL minutes played – 18 PL goals


4 PL starts, 5 PL sub appearances, 419 PL minutes played – 7 PL goals

Callum Wilson total Premier League stats with Newcastle United so far:

64 PL starts, 20 PL sub appearances,  5,778 PL minutes played – 45 PL goals

Callum Wilson NUFC PL Analysis

Averages better than two goals every three Premier League starts (45 goals, 64 starts)

Averages better than a goal every two appearances (45 goals in 84 appearances (64 starts, 20 as sub))

Averages a goal every 128 minutes, so better than a goal every match and a half’s worth of minutes.

The only real downside has been the injury issues, Callum Wilson only available for 86 of the 124 Premier League matches since signing for Newcastle United.

However, under Eddie Howe’s expert careful handling, Callum Wilson has been available for 43 of the last 50 NUFC Premier League matches, compared to only 43 of the previous 74.

This is though the crunch time.

As indicated above, Eddie Howe has handled Callum Wilson perfectly in terms of looking after him and ensuring the striker stays as fit and injury free as possible. Little surprise I suppose, when the two know each other from time spent together at Bournemouth as well previously.

Callum Wilson only had a 26 minute stroll as a sub at Old Trafford with Man U dead and buried at 3-0 down.

A nice little training session as Eddie Howe put it, for the players he brought on with the game already won.

A couple more Callum Wilson goals in a win over Arsenal would be just perfection after that Man U mauling, if he gets the chances then we know more than likely the 31 year old will stick them away.

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