February 24, 2024

According to BBC journalist Shamoon Hafez, 777 Partners has provided all the documentation that the Premier League has asked for and is still hoping to close the Everton acquisition before the end of the year.

On Monday, November 6, Josimar revealed that the American investment fund had failed to notify regulators of “huge” losses of £480 million ($600 million) between June 2021 and June 2022.

However, Hafez provided an update on the situation behind the scenes at Goodison Park on his personal Twitter page later on Monday.

“777 Partners have submitted all the documents requested by the Premier League and Financial Conduct Authority,” Hafez stated.

“Still hopeful of completing the takeover of Everton by the end of the year.

“PL will have final say on approval once Owners’ and Directors’ Test is completed.”

Question marks

One more day, one more unfavorable report about 777 Partners. If the report by Josimar is anything to go on, exactly how can the Americans be trusted to govern a football club of Everton’s stature?

Any anomalies will undoubtedly be discovered, though, if all the paperwork that the Premier League and other pertinent organizations have sought has been provided.


Although the £480 million number listed above is a very large sum to be ignored, 777’s financial situation has before come under scrutiny.

The only thing Everton supporters can do is wait patiently for these investigations to be finished, which should happen before the year is up. In the meanwhile, though, you can be sure that additional queries will come up.

Even though supporters are keen to see Farhad Moshiri leave Goodison Park, we are forced to wonder if it would be wise to change ownership if it were to come into the hands of 777 Partners.

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