February 29, 2024

Referee Tim Robinson blew the whistle early when the midfielder would have been through on goal for Everton against Brighton, and Abdoulaye Doucoure has disclosed that Robinson apologized to him.

Doucoure criticized the referee’s “awful” call, saying he didn’t understand why he had blown the whistle rather than allowing play to continue during what appeared to be a fantastic opportunity to make it 2-0.

Despite the eventual outcome, in which he believes the deflected goal “killed” them, the midfield player nevertheless praised the tenacity and resolve his teammates displayed in the 1-1 tie.

On November 6, Doucoure disclosed to the Liverpool Echo, “I believe that when Dominic went down in the first half, I was by myself, to be honest, and the referee just blew the whistle.”

Since I was alone myself and it was a huge opportunity, I’m not sure why. Someday, I believe, some terrible choice.

He then expressed regret. We fought this afternoon; we had several solid opportunities to win the game, but we gave up the goal that ultimately proved to be fatal. He claimed that he had blown the whistle too early.

Insufficient or delayed

This season, referee apologies are beginning to appear frequently. However, any club that has been the victim of one will agree that an apology is insufficient if it means losing the match.

The eventual equalizer was an unfortunate deflection off of Ashley Young, and Brighton otherwise struggled to threaten, so a 2-0 lead would have almost surely seen the Toffees through to the final whistle even though the decision may not have been what changed three points into one.

Although Sean Dyche’s team played with a lot of grit and determination and performed their strategy almost perfectly until the unfortunate effort looped over Jordan Pickford, the Toffees ultimately lost because of the sheer volume of bad decisions made during the match.

In addition to Doucoure’s thwarted opportunity, Everton and Dominic Calvert-Lewin both appeared to have penalty shouts awarded, but they didn’t. It would be justified for Dyche’s troops to feel vindicated.

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