May 18, 2024

Following Wolves’ latest startling move, Gary O’Neil has stated that he had a “very open” discussion with PGMOL chief Howard Webb on Sunday.

At the very end of Wolves’ 2-1 loss to Sheffield United on Saturday at Bramall Lane, the home team was given a penalty.

Robert Jones, the referee, believed that Fabio Silva had fouled George Baldock nearby. The Blades man was already going to ground before the impact was made, according to replays.

Many have criticized Jones’ ruling and VAR’s decision to sustain it.

After Hwang Hee-chan was sent off against Newcastle United, it was the second occurrence in as many games. The two were nearly the same.

After being left furious once more, Gary O’Neil, the manager of Wolves, has now disclosed that he has actually spoken with Howard Webb on the current level of play.

Wolves manager Gary O’Neil says he’s spoken with Howard Webb after latest VAR howler

In an interview with Mikey Burrows for the Wolves Weekly podcast, O’Neil said that he had a conversation with Webb the day following the contentious penalty call at Bramall Lane.

After the conversation, the 40-year-old felt better. He thinks that everything will go in the correct way.


Wolverhampton Wanderers Training Session

“I had a good conversation on Sunday with Howard Webb, a very open one about trying to improve things,” he stated. I am aware of Howard’s location. He’s also attempting to manage his own group. It’s clear that they’re under a lot of strain right now.

However, following our conversation, I genuinely feel that they are making an effort to turn things around. To ensure that there are fewer errors, they are attempting to implement procedures and make adjustments.

“They recognize that there have likely been things that have gone against us this year that shouldn’t have. I believe everyone agrees that a lot of the things that have worked against us have been proven to be false. They are no longer with us, thus there is nothing any of us can do about it.

Then, O’Neil did not hesitate to state that Wolves’ primary goal is to simply improve. so as to avoid the need for these costly selections.

Let’s hope things change, but many Wolves fans won’t hold their breath

After speaking with Webb, O’Neil seems sincere in his excitement that things would get better.

Nothing particular from his conversation with the PGMOL chief was disclosed by him. But maybe some improvements will come about at last. because the current state of affairs cannot last.

However, O’Neil is correct when he points out that Wolves do, in the end, need to improve.

It is imperative that the manager communicates this message and prevents the ‘victims’ attitude from developing.

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