February 22, 2024


Everton’s new stadium looks ABSOLUTELY INSANE at night.

Everton fans are clamouring for as much Bramley-Moore content as possible, with anticipation ramping up for their move-in.


Recently, the club have done little that others in the Premier League will have wanted to emulate, given their torrid form which has nearly seen them relegated, and abysmal financial decisions that could see them heavily sanctioned.


However, upon its completion, envy will surely be rife across the country, given the sensational design, stature and future the new-build promises. With the seats now being put in too, it is a dream truly taking shape.


Sections of the media are unsurprisingly seeking to offer regular updates on the project, taking to the skies to get the best possible angles.


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And yet, whilst the daytime photos help emphasise smaller details, and the sunset snaps paint the stadium in a rich, golden hue, the latest video taken at night is a truly breathtaking one that might just beat out all the rest.


It is easy to envision 52,000 fans pouring towards the Mersey for a Monday night kick-off, desperate to will their team on to victory under floodlights. That would therefore explain why Twitter user Mark Thomas has seen such a positive response to his post, which encapsulates that feeling in an insane two-minute video.


Can the Bramley-Moore Stadium be expanded?

Whilst the official capacity of Everton’s new stadium is set to be around 52,000, the expectation that demand for seats will be high has led architect Dan Meis to pull off a masterstroke.



After all, somehow there is an option to expand the arena, adding an extra 10,000 places should the club require it.


Becoming a 62,000 seater would make it the fifth-biggest football arena in the country, narrowly behind the London Stadium, and narrowly ahead of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.


Such a feat would be mesmeric, and to fill it would mark a huge achievement for a club that has been constantly associated with relegation battles of late.


Everton FC v Brighton & Hove Albion – Premier League

Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

However, that has never dented their unrelenting support, with Evertonians arguably rallying more than ever to pull their side to safety.


Now progressing steadily under Sean Dyche, the hope is that he can continue their upward trajectory to lead them into Bramley-Moore Dock in the best possible shape, ready to give fans the football such a fine amphitheatre deserves.

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