May 18, 2024

With reference to Jobe Bellingham, Sunderland manager Tony Mowbray may have a selection headache this Saturday against Birmingham City.

Although 19-year-old Jobe Bellingham has been a regular for Sunderland this season, it might be wise to give him some time off.

Think of Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshire as examples of gifted prospects who, after receiving excessive playing time early in their careers, had an injury-plagued career.

Therefore, as Mowbray has stressed the value of resting Jobe beforehand, Jobe may start his first game against the team he grew up playing from the bench.

Leicester City v Sunderland - Sky Bet Championship

Mowbray on resting Jobe

The Sunderland Echo reports that Mowbray has recently spoken out about how Jobe needs to take a break.

Mowbray acknowledged his worries prior to last Saturday’s matchup with Swansea: “The last international break was really touch and go as to whether he went,

He played two and a half games despite England’s wishes for him to be removed. After that, we tried to give him some rest, but he continued to move despite his injuries.

He went on to say that Jobe will eventually take a break.

“He needs to be given extra time off at some point, and he’ll get that next week as well,” Mowbray continued, talking about the 19-year-old’s playing time.

“Although he is a crucial member of the team, we must make time for him to take a day off.”

But, Jobe will be hoping that this is not his place of rest since he wants to show Birmingham what they’re missing.

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