May 18, 2024
Yet another cause for concern

The FA has not yet approved 777 Partners’ ownership of Everton, and conflicting stories don’t add up as more ambiguity surfaces, according to Bloomberg.

On November 9, the sports business news site revealed that, despite rumors to the contrary, someone with inside knowledge of the procedure claims that players like Josh Wander have not yet received FA approval.


Yet another cause for concern

The lengthy story of this purchase has taken a new turn, and it is now unclear how things are progressing and if the group will be able to fully acquire Everton.

If Everton was already worried about the FA’s approval of 777, their concerns should grow as a result of the conflicting allegations and assertions made by insiders with knowledge of the agreement throughout the ongoing negotiations.

If this was something that no one was fully aware of, why would anyone make up a different story about it? Confusion within the arrangement is only suggested by the stark disparity in reports that are producing confusion outside of it.

The ongoing allegations of misconduct in other jurisdictions, whether related to 777’s multiple other investments or to litigation that is being challenged in the United States, do not create the conditions necessary for a secure and assured buyer to acquire Everton.

These issues will persist until they are resolved directly, but the Premier League’s and independent panels’ ongoing evaluation of 777 prior to the possible takeover will determine its eligibility.

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