February 22, 2024
Today against January, it is expected that Nottingham Forest would recruit a top player from AC Milan for £35 million.

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Nottingham Forest fan Caiden Storry, 16 – who struggled to complete The Last Post ahead of win against Aston Villa – perfectly performs the poignant tune a week on in Remembrance Day tribute at the City Ground.

Young Nottingham Forest season-ticket holder Caiden Storry successfully performed The Last Post on a trumpet in a Remembrance Day tribute.

Storry, 16, had attracted attention last week after a mishap during his performance of the tune ahead of Forest’s 2-0 win over Aston Villa at the City Ground.

After a near flawless recital, the youngster then struggled to hit the correct notes in the final section of the song – leaving a few fans and players confused.

A brief moment of applause followed after Storry’s performance before players from both teams were seen consoling the youngster, who was visibly distraught.

But on Saturday, Forest released a video on social media of Storry perfectly executing the poignant tune on the pitch at their home ground to mark Armistice Day.

After last Sunday, he was then invited to the club’s training ground this week to visit the squad.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference on Friday ahead of tomorrow’s trip to West Ham, Cooper – who gave the youngster a hug on his way off the pitch on Sunday – opened up on Storry’s visit as he said: ‘I spoke to Caiden before yesterday, when he spent the day with us.

‘It was great to see him. The players and the staff wanted to see him. He’s one of us, he’s one of the family.

‘When I spoke to him on the phone, not long after Sunday, I told him that all he’s done is what I have to do and what the players have to do, which is put yourself out there to try to perform.

‘At such a young age, for him to have real positive experiences and negative ones will be great for him. It will set him up for life, because that’s what life is – dealing with all sorts of things which come your way.’

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