February 22, 2024

Yerry Mina, who arrived to Fiorentina still hampered by his Everton injury difficulties, is “finally starting to smile” after making his much anticipated debut for the club.


According to his agent, the defender is hoping to make a comeback following a challenging few years at Goodison Park.

Mina’s contract with Everton expired in the summer, and neither side desired a renewal, therefore he moved on a free transfer to Fiorentina.


After joining Everton for €30.25 million from Barcelona in 2018, the Colombian player spent five years there, but he struggled with a number of injuries during that time.


He sustained aches and pains in his knee, ankle, thigh, and feet.
It meant that he made a total of 99 appearances for the team, which is a poor performance for a player who cost so much and received high compensation.


Although it was hoped that he would recover at Fiorentina, his injury problems have not let up, as seen by the fact that he only made his debut last weekend.


After a trying time, he made an appearance as a striker late in the Juventus defeat, and according to his agency, he is now grinning once more.


“Coming into a game a goal down and against such a significant rival, obviously it is not the debut he dreamed of, but it is undoubtedly a motivation for Yerry who has been dreaming of this debut for a long time,” Simone Rondanini of AS reports.


“It is difficult to accept when a player is sidelined, whether by an injury or a technical decision; he has struggled a little in recent weeks, but he is finally beaming.”


“As far as Serie A is concerned, it was one of the first objectives in the period after the Premier League and we had often talked about it.”

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