February 28, 2024

Leeds United news: Phil Hay reveals what Sam Byram did v Plymouth

Phil Hay: Leeds player required injury treatment v Plymouth, was reluctant to go off

Phil Hay reveals Sam Byram injury drama in Leeds United win v Plymouth Argyle

Leeds United defender Sam Byram refused to come off the field of play despite an injury v Plymouth Argyle, according to Phil Hay.


The Athletic journalist reported that the Leeds full-back was down and needed treatment in the 2-1 win on Saturday, 11 November.


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However, he still didn’t want to go off and was in talks with Rob Price but eventually, did end up leaving the field of play.


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Via Twitter, Hay wrote, “Byram down and needing treatment. Byram very reluctant to go off, Rob Price speaking to him. Firpo ready.”




Footballers should never resist going off after picking up an injury because playing through an injury can exacerbate the damage and lead to more severe, long-term consequences.


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Ignoring an injury may result in extended recovery periods, jeopardising their overall career and performance.


Continuing to play with an injury can compromise the player’s effectiveness on the pitch. Reduced mobility, impaired decision-making, and diminished physical capabilities can not only hinder personal performance but also negatively impact the team’s overall dynamics.



Furthermore, resisting substitution can escalate the injury’s financial and emotional toll on the player and the club.


Extended rehabilitation periods can strain a club’s resources, and the emotional toll of playing through pain may affect the player’s mental well-being.


Byram did end up going off for Firpo so that’s a good sign but it should not be the precedent and he must know that as there are experts gauging these sort of situations in real time.

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