May 18, 2024

Kevin Thelwell has now detailed why he ‘HAD TO’ appoint Sean Dyche for Everton.


Everton’s recent form has not come as a surprise to those who had been studying the statistics, and yet will still have the fanbase shocked as to how they have engineered such a turnaround.


Ever the pessimists, Evertonians have every right to remain coy on brief spells of positivity, given how their recent history has just continued to grind them back to reality.


It is tough work supporting the Toffees, but those who are born to do so will forever remain immensely proud of that status.


The only wish is that they one day have a team befitting such immense and continued support, with that recent run of fine results suggesting that might be a possibility.

After all, six wins from their last nine in all competitions is no small feat, with Sean Dyche the mastermind behind it.

However, when seeking to dish out praise, the man who actually hired the 52-year-old tactician is certainly owed some accolades, having foreseen this future in which his selection leads them into a brighter future.


Everton Unveil New Manager Sean Dyche

After all, he has even recently admitted that there was no other option around the time of the appointment, with the former Burnley man being the outstanding option.


He told Everton’s official website: ‘We brought Sean in because of our circumstances and we had to identify someone who had experience and could keep us in the league – but also because he is someone who we believe could come in and help us to build something in the medium/long-term.’

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