February 20, 2024

It makes sense that as Everton experiences a comeback, the media would begin to highlight the consistent improvement of one of England’s most illustrious organisations.


Many revelled in the failures that led to their back-to-back relegation battles, given the intrigue drawn by seeing such a big club in peril.

It would be deceptive to ignore those who were instrumental in organising the Toffees’ resurgence, Sean Dyche foremost among them.


Despite a rough start to the new Premier League season, his philosophy has quickly clicked with the Goodison crowd, and as a result, Evertonians are reaping the rewards of rooting for a team that is willing to put their all into everything they do, with a strong work ethic at its core.


With that approach in place, Abdoulaye Doucoure has also experienced a personal redemption, considering that he came dangerously close to leaving the team during Frank Lampard’s tenure.


Commentator Robbie Earle tried to compliment the 30-year-old, stressing his significance in relation to other personalities, while also applauding the 52-year-old manager. “I get the sense Sean Dyche’s work is starting to have effect,” he said on The 2 Robbies Podcast. “In Dyche, we trust.” Once more, Mykolenko in the goals.


“Doucoure, Abdoulaye Doucoure with the goal, who is turning into an absolute diamond for Dyche.” I have the impression that the dressing room and the manager are beginning to value one another.


Why did Frank Lampard not play Abdoulaye Doucoure?


Given the obvious talent that has been displayed since his dismissal, the reasons for Lampard’s flagrant disdain for the £120k-per-week Mali international are still unknown. After all, he scored four goals this season to garner additional praise from a journalist, and it was his five goals that arguably proved most crucial to Everton’s safety last season.

The former Watford midfielder admitted to Sky Sports in March that he was on the verge of leaving the team because he felt the Chelsea legend did not give him a fair chance.


It wasn’t true what I occasionally heard people say, “He’s not ready, he’s not fit.” I was always in good shape and prepared to play. It doesn’t matter now whether it was a personal issue or not.


The Times had revealed that Doucoure was often made to train alone and was shunned by the team after getting into a fight with Lampard in the changing room.


He has been the one who has reaped the rewards after going on to become a significant figure under Dyche.

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