May 18, 2024

Everton could still stay in the Premier League even if they receive a point deduction this season.

That’s according to journalist Paul Brown, who has claimed it ‘might not be the worst year’ for Everton to get docked points.

The Toffees’ financial problems have left them in deep water after the club reported losses of £371.8 million in the past three years, while the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules state that clubs can sustain losses of up to £105m before they will potentially face penalties.

The league referred Everton to an independent commission back in March and have recommended the Merseyside outfit receive a 12-point deduction if they are found guilty, while a decision could be made in the coming weeks.

While Sean Dyche’s side have dramatically improved their results in recent months, such a significant deduction would still leave them bottom with two points.

However, Paul Brown has suggested it wouldn’t be the end of the world for Everton.

Speaking to GIVEMESPORT, he said: “Obviously the 12 points that people fear would be the maximum punishment, nobody can be sure that they would be docked 12 points, it would be entirely up to a commission to decide. There’s no precedent for this really so it’s hard to guess what they could end up with.

“I would say though that if you ever are to get a points deduction this might not be the worst year to incur one because the teams at the bottom are currently putting up numbers that are historically bad in the Premier League.

“I don’t think a team who’s lost as many games as Burnley at this stage of the season have ever managed to stay up in Premier League history, and Sheffield United came very close to having the same record at the weekend.”

Could Everton stay up even with a point deduction?

Everton‘s recent upturn in form would make a 12-point deduction look a lot less fatal, with the Toffees potentially sitting only five points from safety.

Dyche’s said could be well on their way to a mid-table finish if they were to keep their current tally, however Paul Brown probably isn’t wrong in saying that they could be in the best possible position to receive a point deduction.

Everton’s chances of staying up look much better than the likes of Luton, Sheffield United and Burnley and it would be a huge surprise if they couldn’t quickly overtake all of them, with the three promoted teams only picking up one win each so far, compared to Everton’s four.

While not ideal, the horrific form of teams elsewhere could make getting the point deduction out of the way this season the best possible outcome. They might not even receive the maximum amount either, meaning they could well remain out of the bottom three even if they are found guilty.

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