February 24, 2024

Another 777 Partners legal case directly cites Everton in new update.


A legal case against 777 Partners that remains ongoing has directly cited Everton in its allegations against the American investment firm, according to Paul Brown.


The freelance journalist reported via Twitter (14 November) that the Toffees had been directly named in the case alleging that 777 Partners is part of a “web of companies” utilised to “move money and assets to operate and conceal a sprawling fraudulent enterprise.”


Currently, this case remains ongoing while the same plaintiffs have taken a case against 777 Partners over aviation leasing. The Miami-based firm attempted to have the case chucked out, with a claim of fraud dismissed.


Co-founders Josh Wander and Steven Pasko did not present “any cogent or compelling argument on which to dismiss the unjust enrichment claim against them,” meaning the earlier case will continue.

It feels as though every time the words update and 777 Partners are together in a story it represents even more bad news for Everton supporters and this latest development is yet another worry over the American company’s suitability to take over the Toffees.


For Everton to be directly cited in a case before the takeover has even been completed suggests that the plaintiffs making the case against 777 believe that they will attempt to exploit the Toffees as they allege they have down with their other businesses.


While that cannot impact the Blues as of yet given that they are not yet under the ownership of 777 Partners, it would have to be imagined that a company that is being accused of running a “sprawling fraudulent enterprise” shouldn’t be deemed fit and proper owners.


777 have been adamant that they are equipped to complete this takeover and capable of running Everton in a fit and proper manner.


They still believe that a takeover will be approved before the end of the calendar year and they will acquire Farhad Moshiri’s 94.1 per cent share in the Toffees. Pasko and Wander even intend to join the Toffees board [BBC Sport, 9 November].


But with this latest news, you really have to wonder whether or not a deal will be completed and if it, whether it will be a good thing for the future of Toffees to be owned by such a controversial company.

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