May 18, 2024

All funds raised will be retained in Sunderland and the Northeast region.

Steve Davison, the chief operating officer of SAFC, is participating in a sleep out at the Stadium of Light with other business leaders in Sunderland in an effort to raise thousands of pounds for the city’s homeless and other charitable causes.



Raising an incredible £34,000, the Sunderland CEO Sleepout took place at the beginning of November. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Sleepout charity, which is fighting homelessness throughout the nation.


Walking with the Wounded, Changing Lives, DePaul UK, Foundation of Light, and the Red Sky Foundation are among the other charities that will gain from this.


Participants had to brave the wrath of Storm Ciaran as it battered the home of the Black Cats.


Steve Davison said, “I have a far better understanding of the challenges of being homeless, but I know we have only scratched the surface,” after spending the night outside in his sleeping bag.


“Even this realisation has made me realise how crucial it is for society to take whatever action we can to solve the issue, and I personally witnessed CEO Sleepout’s outstanding work in addressing the problems.


“The fact that so much money has been raised is fantastic.”


Gemma Taylor, Contract Pack Manager for Clearly Drinks, also took part in the event.



She said: “What a great night to be part of and such a worthwhile cause to raise money for. “Giving up my warm bed to spend one night outdoors was a very humbling experience and really opened my eyes to the terrifying reality thousands of homeless people have to endure night after night.”


Since its founding in 2013, the charity CEO Sleepout has asked business leaders to spend a night outside in the cold. Events are held all over the UK, and to date, the campaign has raised about £4 million.


Bianca Robinson, CEO of CEO Sleepout, stated: “The group’s spirit was evident despite the terrible weather.”

CEO Sleepout at the Stadium of Light: business and charity leaders participating.


“They refused to let the rain ruin their evening, and thanks to their efforts, money has been raised to assist hundreds of Sunderland’s most vulnerable residents during the coldest and darkest months.


Additionally, it gave the group a taste of the merciless struggle that thousands of rough sleepers endure on a nightly basis.


“Although the event doesn’t try to replicate the struggles faced by the homeless, it should have increased awareness of these issues among the business community.”

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