May 18, 2024

According to 90min, Manchester City and Leeds United sensation Finley Gorman have reached an agreement on a deal that could be worth over £2 million.


On Tuesday, November 14, the news website announced that Man City had reached an agreement to pay the 15-year-old an initial sum of £1.5 million. This marks a record-breaking British transfer for a player of the attacking midfielder’s age.


It is understood that add-ons would take that deal beyond £2million, breaking a record currently held by Liverpool for eventually paying £2million for Raheem Sterling.


Gorman is 15 years old, so Leeds cannot stop the deal, and 90 minutes says the teen has now decided to sign with Man City.



There’s nothing we can do about this, unfortunately.

It’s only right that players at that age can choose where they want to play as they’re not old enough to be bound to any full-time working contracts anywhere.


Until employment laws change in the UK – and they won’t – clubs with good academies will always lose young stars in this manner to bigger teams.


Leeds, however, do it to other clubs.


One example is when in 2021, Leeds signed up-and-coming goalkeeper Darryl Ombang from Bradford.


The problem is, there’s usually always a bigger fish.


When it comes to youth recruitment, though, Manchester City are practically the biggest sharks in the ocean, so any team is at their mercy.


The only issue they face is the intense competition from elite players in that area.


As recent instances, Michael Olise, Romeo Lavia, Jadon Sancho, Cole Palmer, and Brahim Diaz all left the Etihad and achieved great success elsewhere.


Will Gorman experience that? Who knew?


It’s excellent business for Leeds to get £1.5 million up front for a 15-year-old. It’s encouraging news if it surpasses £2 million in the future, but it also suggests that Gorman might be doing very well.

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