February 25, 2024


Police present at heated debate as San Donato council confirms Milan’s project

A heated debate took place in the San Donato council yesterday but in the end, AC Milan’s stadium project was confirmed by the majority. At the end of the meeting, in fact, the mayor made it clear why the project must be evaluated properly.


AC Milan started the political process a while back, presenting the ‘variation’ to the initially approved Sportlifecity project in the area. The council, therefore, is currently evaluating the proposal and will soon deliver a verdict on the matter.


As reported by Il Cittadino, there was a heated debate in the council yesterday as many civilians were present to watch the meeting as well. Police were present in the room and were forced to calm the situation on multiple occasions, with the opposition making themselves heard.


The petition against the stadium, which was initially presented in the summer, was shut down by the council majority after a vote. The variation must now be properly evaluated, in other words, before a decision can be made on the stadium’s to be or not to be.


The stance of the council is clear, as highlighted by the response document presented by the mayor Francesco Squeri: “The private individual [Sportlifecity] is presenting a private intervention on private land, of which he is the owner.”


In short, the majority of the San Donato council confirmed Milan’s project, in the sense that it will go through the proper political process without external interference.


Picture to the right, of the police, courtesy of Canali.


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