February 28, 2024

As other organizations consider a possible purchase of Everton, Dan Plumley has claimed that there is little doubt that conversations are taking place behind closed doors.

It follows Paul Brown’s revelation that several other parties are considering purchasing the team while they watch for this present agreement to fall through.

Although the interest from other parties is encouraging, the finance expert acknowledged that pressure is still mounting to bring the much-needed takeover over the finish line.

“It’s one of those things we have spoken about a lot in the background over the past few years at Everton,” he exclusively told Goodison News.

“In terms of the hurdles you have to clear, a big one is the directors getting the green light and the way in which the acquisition is going to be funded and how that funding works in the future, there are positives there, but there are many other hurdles you have to clear now.


It was never going to be a straightforward takeover given the backstory of Everton and the way in which some of this has played out.

You still have that element of pressure there with how this moves forward because you have multiple hurdles to clear until you get that final ratification.

While that is still the case, I’ve got no doubt that there will be people speaking in the media and behind the scenes that there is still pressure on that and things could collapse and other people may be ready to step in and capitalise on that.

Again, you can spin that as a positive, but the other side is that there is a takeover that needs to be done at some point and there are a fair few hurdles yet that 777 will need to clear.”

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