May 21, 2024

Jack Grealish and Marcus Rashford, two prominent players in the Premier League, responded to a post made by Everton midfielder Dele Alli on Instagram detailing his fitness during the international break.

The 27-year-old is still recovering from a hip injury he sustained during his loan stint with Besiktas last season, which has prevented him from playing for the Toffees this season.

The former Tottenham player uploaded a video on his Instagram account on November 15th, which evidently shows him accelerating his recuperation while exercising in the Middle East. It looks like the player is getting closer to being healthy again.

On November 15, Dele posted a picture to Instagram with the statement, “It’s not over until I win.” Manchester United striker Rashford liked the midfielder’s fitness update, while Grealish posted an emoji.


Rashford and Grealish obviously know something about Alli that we do not, since these workout photos unequivocally demonstrate his resolve to make a spectacular comeback to full fitness as soon as possible.

Given that Dele is recovering from an injury, it is possible that he may play a significant role in the Everton first team soon, and it would be premature to write him out.


Since his Besiktas loan was terminated due to injury in February, Dele has not set foot on the field. He has also experienced multiple setbacks throughout his recuperation process, which has kept him out of action for the first few months of the current season.

In an emotional interview with Gary Neville on July 13, he disclosed other off-field challenges as well, but he also made hints that he isn’t giving up on becoming his best self.

Recently, there has been a noticeable improvement in the atmosphere at Goodison Park and the Toffees have begun to find their formula for success in the Premier League. It appears like Dyche has fostered an atmosphere that will allow Dele to return to Merseyside and thrive.

Alli is only one football player who, despite their prior struggles, deserves the chance to start over in his profession. Fans of Everton should be encouraged greatly by these new pictures he has uploaded regarding his impending return.


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