May 18, 2024

In light of FFP charges last month, Mark Goldbridge has instructed Everton to “take that 12 point deduction now” as they wait to hear from the league.

After the club’s hearing on an alleged FFP rule violation concluded last month, the Premier League is said to have pushed for a 12-point deduction, which would have sent the Toffees to the bottom of the league.


However, talkSPORT analyst Goldbridge advised the Blues on November 15 via his personal Twitter account to take the punishment because the league is so bad this year that they may already be out of the bottom 4 by Christmas.

“If I was Everton I’d take that 12 point deduction now,” he said.

“Probably the first season in ages you can take a hit like that and stay up. Even with a 12 point deduction they could be out the bottom 4 by Christmas.”


There is absolutely no way on Earth that Everton should just accept a punishment that is way over the top and also for something that we believe we haven’t actually done.

The losses over a three-year period are too high for sure, but the club were working alongside the Premier League for a long time about the issues and everything had to be authorised by them first.

A single charge absolutely doesn’t warrant a 12-point deduction, and we know they wouldn’t be doing it if it was another team because Manchester City and Chelsea’s cases have been going on for ages and we haven’t heard a peep from them.

If we’re going to get a 12-point deduction then the club should do all they can to drag it out and fight it, to give the team the best opportunity of getting points on the board that would render it obsolete anyway.

It won’t be an easy task but with the way we’re playing right now and the weakness of the other teams, it may not be the end of the world if we are harshly punished.

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