May 18, 2024

Everton shareholder Mike Parry has broken his silence after an announcement was made that 10 Premier League points would be deducted.


He expressed his frustration over the lack of equality as other clubs have been charged with similar, if not more extreme breaches.

While Parry did not name names, Manchester City are among the clubs that could be referred to as they have over 100 FFP charges.

Via Twitter, he wrote, “The 10 points deduction levied against Everton is an outrage. They’ve made it clear they’re appealing so this ‘punishment’ should be immediately suspended. Is it just a coincidence that other clubs with similar allegations against them but who are mega wealthy remain unpunished?”


Double standards

FFP is a regulatory framework established by governing bodies like UEFA to promote financial sustainability among football clubs but they do not seem to be applying it fairly.


Chelsea got a transfer ban and the Toffees have got a points deduction, but nothing’s happened to City despite the 115 charges.


FFP aims to prevent clubs from spending beyond their means, fostering a more balanced and competitive landscape and to say that Everton are doing that and clubs owned by governments aren’t, is naive, to say the least.


Clubs are required to manage their finances responsibly, ensuring that expenditures do not significantly exceed revenues.


This includes restrictions on excessive spending, such as transfer fees and player wages, to prevent clubs from accumulating unsustainable debts.


It’s evident that the Toffees are being used as an example and it’s tough to take for the fans, given everything going on at the club.

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