February 25, 2024

An independent tribunal has punished Everton with 10 points for violating the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability regulations.

The Everton supporters are furious about the contentious punishment, and a number of well-known analysts have already voiced their opinions.

One of the first people to voice his concerns about the Toffees’ situation was Jamie Carragher. With just four points, the Merseyside team is currently in 19th position in the standings.

The ruling was promptly challenged by Everton, and their case will be decided before the season is out.

Carragher expressed his annoyance on X, the former Twitter platform, calling the deduction “excessive and not right.”

“Considering that Everton has been working with the Premier League on this for the past few years, the 10-point deduction for them is unfair and excessive.” Would it have been preferable to attempt to stretch it out like other clubs and be evasive?

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“Undoubtedly, the Premier League has been under a lot of pressure from demoted clubs to deal with Everton, but it doesn’t feel right when you consider that six clubs attempted to leave the league and received no punishment at all.

Everton believes they are being exploited to demonstrate there is no need for an independent regulator until other teams receive approval, and they are correct in this assessment.

Burnley, Leeds and Leicester threaten Everton with legal action

After the club was found guilty of the violations, Burnley, Leeds United, and Leicester ‘announced their intention to sue Everton for a total of £300m,’ according to The Daily Mail.

Burnley, Leeds, and Leicester have already written to 777 Partners, Everton’s potential new owners, threatening to sue for damages in the case of a guilty finding.

In the previous two seasons, all three clubs were relegated, with Everton just managing to avoid it. Another relegated team, Southampton, has also threatened to sue for a possible collective sum of tens of millions of pounds.

The announcement will deal a severe blow to Everton, who are already having financial difficulties.

TEAMtalk insiders do, however, believe that Burnley, Leeds, and Leicester—rather than Everton—will file a lawsuit against the Premier League for their inaction up to this point over the violations.

They will contend that they could have avoided relegation if the point deduction had been applied sooner.

In the upcoming months, this story will undoubtedly take many unexpected turns.

It would be interesting to see how Everton fans’ planned protest against the Premier League during their match against Manchester United next weekend turns out.

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