February 24, 2024

Manchester City and Chelsea have been tipped for relegation by an expert on Financial Fair Play rules, after Everton received a 10-point deduction.



The Premier League docked Everton 10 points for breaking FFP regulations, and if proven guilty, Manchester City’s previous legal advisor Stefan Borson thinks the precedent could result in relegations for both Chelsea and City.


While City is being investigated for 115 alleged violations of Premier League financial regulations, Chelsea is being investigated for payments made by former owner Roman Abramovich.



Everton has promised to appeal the penalty, but the punishment they received sets an astounding precedent. One would have to assume that Chelsea and City would be relieved if that appeal were to succeed, but legal disputes are delaying both cases.



“Without seeing the judgement, awarding -10 points for Everton feels harsh for a straightforward FFP breach to me,” wrote Borson in a post on X, the former Twitter platform. However, it confirms that penalties against City (if proven) and Chelsea (if accused and found guilty of making off-book payments) could result in relegation.


“Chelsea’s calculation that they could violate PL P&S (profit and sustainability rules) and simply accept a fine as a cost of doing business, in my opinion, needs to be urgently and immediately reconsidered given the magnitude of this sporting sanction. The window in January could be fascinating. They can no longer count on persuading an Independent Commission to accept their position, even in the best-case scenario.


Everton has made their intention to file an appeal known. While their individual investigations proceed, City and Chelsea will need to wait it out.

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