May 18, 2024

The announcement this past weekend that Everton will receive a ten-point deduction for breaking FFP regulations stunned the team.

Yesterday, the Toffees were found guilty of the breaches after being the subject of an investigation. Though the club is now appealing, their ten-point loss is effective immediately.

Over the past 24 hours, a number of experts, including Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher, have expressed their amazement at the decision.

Additionally, former Everton striker Kevin Campbell acknowledged that he was surprised by the decision in a statement he made today on Sky Sports.

Kevin Campbell reacts to Everton points deduction

Speaking to Sky, Campbell, a former player for Everton and Arsenal, said that he now wants the team to contest the deduction.

“I was like, TEN POINTS!” when I received the news because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Everton would have received nine points, the standard score, if they had gone into administration.

To ascertain what has been occurring there. After working with the PL, this independent committee exaggeratedly views the problem as having ten points. I was simply unable to accept what I was witnessing. It seems really excessive to me. This is insane, and I want the Everton upstairs to fight it,” Campbell remarked.

Everton now shares the relegation zone with Sheffield United and Burnley as a result of their point deduction.

Fortunately, Everton is only one victory away from emerging from the abyss because the Blades, the Clarets, Bournemouth, and Luton are all having terrible seasons.

It remains to be seen if Everton can succeed in winning an appeal in time for this season. To further complicate matters, a number of clubs are rumored to be suing the Toffees for millions.

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