February 25, 2024

Everton shareholder Mike Parry has called out Manchester City after the Premier League imposed a 10-point deduction for breach of Profit and Sustainability rules.

The Citizens have been charged with 115 breaches of Financial Fair Play and there’s not been any action that’s been taken against them.

The Toffees have appealed the decision but the impact has been instant with them now in the bottom three.

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The Premier League’s recent decision to dock Everton 10 points for a minor financial breach has sparked a contentious debate about the league’s disciplinary consistency.

The stark contrast with Manchester City’s situation, facing a whopping 115 charges related to FFP, raises valid questions about the fairness of the penalties.

It’s puzzling that Everton, for a slight financial overstep by a few million, faces a severe punishment, while City seemingly evades more substantial consequences.


This inconsistency has prompted calls for a reassessment of the league’s approach to enforcing financial regulations, with critics arguing that Everton’s case establishes a concerning precedent.

The controversy underscores the necessity for a more uniform and equitable system for handling such violations to uphold the league’s integrity.

City deserve relegation based on what the Premier League have done with the Toffees but that does not seem to be what they will do with them.

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