May 18, 2024

Gary Neville has responded to an Everton fan asking why he hasn’t said anything about the club’s 10 point deduction.

Everton have been deducted 10 points by the Premier League for breaching financial fair play rules.


Sean Dyche’s side plunged into the relegation zone as a result as they now occupy 19th place in the table, with just four points on the board following the sanction.

Gary Neville hits back at Everton fan who called him out for having 'nothing to say' about Everton's points deduction

Two clubs were responsible for Everton’s points deduction as a host of clubs plan to sue for £300 million.


Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has had his say on the punishment handed down to Everton.


But Neville has yet to share his thoughts on the points deduction to the dismay of Everton fan Sean Ready, who called out the former Manchester United captain on social media.


Sean questioned Neville’s silence over the matter.

“Im amazed that mouth almighty @GNev2 has had nothing to say about Evertons point deduction. Normally has his say on absolutely everything but the biggest sanction in prem history… nothing,” he said on X.

To which Neville replied: “I’m amazed that you don’t allow me a holiday.”

Expect Neville to give a thorough assessment of Everton’s punishment when he’s back from his holiday.


His Sky Sports colleague Jamie Carragher, however, has weighed in on Everton’s points deduction as he hit out at the sanction.


On X, he wrote: “The 10 point deduction for Everton is excessive & not right, considering they have been working with the PL about this for the last couple of years.


“Would it have been better to be evasive & try & drag it out like other clubs?

“No doubt relegated clubs will have put big pressure on the PL to deal with Everton, but when you consider 6 clubs tried to leave the PL & there was no sanction at all it doesn’t feel right.


“Until other clubs are sanctioned Everton will feel they are being used to show there is no need for an independent regulator, and they are right.”

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