February 28, 2024

News about these Premier League teams is interesting.

Now that Everton is being sued for hundreds of millions of pounds, Burnley, Leeds, and Leicester will respond.

This comes after an independent panel created by the Premier League found the Goodison club guilty of violating FFP regulations and docked them ten points.

Leeds, Leicester, and Burnley met on Friday for negotiations and reiterated their intention to sue Everton, according to The Mail’s sources.

They want to sue for a total of £300 million, or £100 million for each team. That sum represents an approximate loss each of Burnley, Leeds, and Leicester feels they have suffered from dropping to the second division.

Burnley, Leeds, and Leicester informed the Premier League in a united letter that they intended to file a lawsuit if and when Everton was found guilty, according to information published in The Mail in October 2023. After Everton narrowly avoided relegation in May, the three teams joined forces.

The Mail now reporting:

‘Leeds and Leicester were relegated to the Championship and Burnley have leant their support as they remain convinced that Everton’s spending breached financial rules the previous season when they were relegated.

The three clubs have repeatedly expressed unhappiness that the Everton case was not dealt with last season and are understood to feel even more strongly following the guilty verdict, as a points deduction in the previous campaign would have relegated them.

The [Premier League Everton] punishment brightens the spotlight on both Manchester City and Chelsea and a former advisor to City tweeted that the precedent set by Everton’s penalty could later result in relegation for both Premier League heavyweights.’

This is the thing, the Premier League finally punishing a club that has blatantly broken the rules, it has for sure opened up a can of worms, a real Pandora’s box of possibilities.

We all (STILL!) await the Manchester City verdict and punishment (IF found guilty) after the Premier League charged them with 115 (ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN) breaches of the rules in February 2023. Quite amazing that they have eluded justice all of these years for the laughable way they have ran their club but after this Everton punishment, just what will Man City get IF found guilty??? As The Mail report also says, hopefully Chelsea will also find their luck at last running out as well.

As for if you find the idea of Everton being forced to pay compensation to other Premier League clubs to be a fanciful one, think again.

No guarantees of what will happen BUT after West Ham cheated the system with the Tevez thing and stayed up in 2007, Sheffield United eventually received £18.1m from the Hammers.

A decade and a half later and football inflation having been astronomical in that time, then Everton ending up having to pay £100m (or more!) to each of Leeds, Leicester and Burnley, doesn’t sound quite so outlandish.

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