February 25, 2024

Following Everton’s ten-point deduction for violating profit and sustainability regulations, Michael Owen has attacked FFP.

For a single rule violation, the Toffees received the harshest penalty in the competition’s history, which infuriated fans throughout the game and prompted the team to start the appeals process right away.

And on November 17, Owen attacked the regulations on his own Twitter account, saying that FFP is just a means of shielding the elite clubs and making it “near impossible” for others to challenge them.

He commented, “I’ve never liked FFP, but whether Everton deserves a points deduction or not is up for debate.”

“There must be a better approach to safeguard clubs’ futures, right? FFP keeps the elite clubs safe and virtually prevents the chasing groups from competing.


Although Michael Owen has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, this suspension has amply demonstrated that the Premier League’s FFP regulations serve only to safeguard their investment.

The top three teams, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City, have all violated the Fair Play Policy in some capacity in recent years. Despite this, they are all awaiting a hearing and possible punishment; a point deduction is nearly a given because they would have already occurred.


Everton, on the other hand, was charged even though we had been working with the league on our finances for years to make sure there were no issues. Our case was handled quickly.

We will fight this to the latter end, both on and off the field, because the Premier League is trying to use us as an example, and it has succeeded. However, they have chosen the wrong team.

There is no getting around a salary cap, which would level the playing field far more than profit and loss budgets, but smaller clubs would still be treated differently until it is implemented.

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