February 22, 2024

A football agent has made an eight-point return verdict for Everton after they were docked 10 points from the Premier League table.

Former Manchester City midfielder Barry Silkman, who now works as an agent, believes that the Toffees are expected to get their way after appealing the decision.

With 10 deducted, he expects eight to be returned, making it a net deduction of just two points.


He told Claret and Hugh: It’s not right. Look at it this way. If any of us had, let’s say, a million quid and we were told how to spend it and were punished if we didn’t we would be off to the Human Rights Court to ensure we got justice.

“And be certain, no court in the land would uphold such a decision so I fully expect Everton to do the same and appeal.

“My view is that in the end they will finish up being handed back about eight of them as from many points of view this doesn’t feel right.

Make it make sense

Clubs have been accused and charged of far worse and they’ve got nothing more than a slap on their wrist.

The Manchester City example will constantly be brought up and rightfully so, given their 115 charges against FFP.

The Toffees went over the limit by a few million and to be handed a 10-point deduction because of that, is borderline ridiculous.


Hopefully, what Silkman says actually ends up happening as this sets the wrong precedent in more ways than one for the Premier League.

If they’re not taking action against City, that exposes them for being biased too and the other clubs must not take this sitting down.

Rather than targeting Everton, Leeds United, Leicester City, Burnley and the others need to direct their anger towards the Manchester outfit.

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