May 18, 2024

It has come to light that Everton informed the independent commission—during an inquiry into their financial rule violations—that the amount they received from Richarlison’s sale was significantly less than what they had anticipated.


The Premier League’s financial regulations were broken by Everton, and as a result, they were docked 10 points, the worst punishment ever meted out to an English premier league team for FFP (Guardian).


The investigation into the alleged breach began in March after the Premier League referred the situation to an independent commission.

The Premier League announced on Friday that the commission determined that Everton’s PSR calculation for the relevant period resulted in a loss of £124.5m, which exceeded the threshold of £105m permitted under the PSRs.

Everton were not happy with Richarlison fee


In the independent Commission’s full written reasons (as published on the Premier League website), it is revealed that one of the reasons that the Toffees gave was that they received a fee of just £60m for Richarlison, who they were hoping to sell for £80m, with Spurs taking advantage of their financial situation.

The report states: “The knowledge that Everton was facing PSR calculation challenges caused potential purchasers for their players to drive a hard bargain.

“Everton considered that the sale on 30 June 2022 of Mr Richarlison to Tottenham Hotspur FC for the sum of £60 million, rather than the sum of £80m that it had budgeted to receive, to be directly attributable to its PSR calculation difficulties.”


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It is naive to think that Everton could have obtained £80 million for the forward, so their claim that they were forced to sell Richarlison below his market value was unlikely to sit well with the independent commission.


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