February 24, 2024

Stan Collymore delivers verdict on Everton points deduction

Stan Collymore has delivered his verdict on the points deduction Everton incurred on Friday.

The Liverpool cult hero, writing on CaughtOffside, believes the Premier League has made an example of the Toffees ahead of pursuing cases against the likes of Manchester City.


On Friday, Everton were docked 10 points for breaching Premier League profit and sustainability rules, a decision that saw them slip to 19th in the table.


The decision came after the league referred Everton in March to an independent commission after reviewing the financial records of all top-flight clubs for the 2021-22 season.


Everton reported losses of £124.5million over a three-year period. The rules allow clubs to lose a maximum of £105million over that period of time.


The 10-point deduction received by the Toffees is the biggest sporting sanction ever handed out by the Premier League.


Everton v West Ham United – Premier League

Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The decision to punish Everton has put into focus other Premier League investigations and how those clubs will be dealt if also found guilty.



For instance, Manchester City have been charged with over 100 alleged breaches of the rules by the Premier League.


They are yet to have a verdict amid legal wrangling on both sides and City have denied wrongdoing.


Meanwhile, Chelsea are under investigation for alleged breaches relating to the era of Roman Abramovich’s ownership.


‘Fairly harsh’

Collymore believes the Everton decision is effectively a case of the Premier League setting a precedent ahead of then moving onto other cases.


“My take on it is painfully simple,” he wrote on CaughtOffside.


“The Premier League are looking to shore up their defence against Manchester City.


“They know that City are going to be lawyered up to the hilt following 115 charges brought against them, so the Premier League need to make sure they come armed with an example and unfortunately for Everton, they’re it.


“The fact the Premier League have gone straight in with a 10-point deduction probably tells you that they feel they have a very strong case against Manchester City.


“What they’ve basically done today with Everton is set the punishment’s baseline at a 10-point deduction.


“In my opinion, to be deducted 10 points for a £20 million deficit is fairly harsh to one of English football’s founding fathers and I’m sure other clubs will sympathise with them.


“From my perspective, it’s really simple though. I have absolutely no problem with Everton being docked points.


“I think 10 is a bit harsh, as I said above, but I wouldn’t have a problem with any team being docked points if they’d broken financial rules – and that includes Aston Villa, by the way.


“But if the Premier League are going in hard, then they need to go in hard on any club that breaks the rules.


“Points deduction is one thing, but at what point do we start considering voiding silverware? There has to be an incentive there for clubs not to break the rules.”


Everton intend to appeal the decision, saying they are ‘both shocked and disappointed’ by the finding.


This appeal will be heard by another independent panel, not the same people who brought forward Friday’s verdict.

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