February 25, 2024

Finance Expert drops verdict on Everton appeal amid 10-point deduction

Finance expert Stefan Borson has shared the chances of Everton being successful in their appeal after being hit with a 10-point deduction.


The Toffees were hit with the hefty punishment on Friday afternoon (17 November) and sent to 19th place in the Premier League, but have confirmed they plan to appeal the decision immediately.


But speaking to Jim White and Simon Jordan live on talkSPORT (17 November, 12:54), Borson admitted he can’t see the case Everton have to appeal as they “mislead the Premier League” and admitted the breach during the initial hearing.



“The chances are, it’s very unlikely that there’s going to be a materially better viewpoint taken by an appeal commission,” he said.


“It seems to me like the bits that’s I’ve read, where they mislead the Premier League with regards to performance financially and in some of the assumptions that were used in reporting back to the Premier League have been unreasonable, such as finishing sixth in the league.


“And some of the statements made about the stadium and that sort of thing. So I don’t think they’re in a great position to appeal, so the likelihood is that they’re talking about reducing 10 to maybe eight points. I don’t think they’re going to overturn the overall situation.


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“It seems to me that by the end of the hearing that they accepted that they had breached by only £10m rather than the £120m.”




The written reasons for Everton being given a 10-point deduction aren’t great reading, because they’ve just simply come up with it out of thin air.


The club claimed they couldn’t sell players properly due to Covid, while the Gylfi Sigurdsson situation was also mentioned and ignored by the panel. Add to the fact the stadium is now far more expensive than it was because of Covid, and it’s bizarre they’ve just pretended that hasn’t had a huge effect.



A 10-point deduction is absolutely unheard of and there’s no denying that there was a breach, but Everton are claiming it is nowhere near as severe as they are claiming and that means there should be a lesser punishment handed down.


Considering the fact that 10 points is a more severe punishment than Portsmouth got for actually going into administration. It’s mental.


We absolutely have a case and even if we still get a points deduction, anything less than 10 points would make it worth it and could help us avoid relegation.

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